Who is SAC

Education, a better future for underpriviliged children in India.

Who is SAC
SAC (Stichting Actie Calcutta: organisation action Calcutta) supports education of marginalised children in India since 1968. It offers these children an outlook for a better future. It is a professional organisation and works with unpaid volunteers only. The costs of the organisation therefor are very low.
Yearly SAC supports thousands of marginalised children for going to school and also finances some 20 projects linked with education.

SAC’s regions of activity
India belongs to the top fast growing economies of the world. However, one third of the Indian population lives under the poverty line. A quarter is illiterate. The region of SAC involves Calcutta and the federal states Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal. In Calcutta it supports street children and in the tribal areas of the federal states children of scheduled tribes and scheduled casts.

SAC’s Activities
Thanks to donations SAC provides children the possibility to be in school for primary, secondary and higher education. However, vocational education will get more priority through extra attention and provisions in due course. Already now there are nurses, teachers, technicians and ict-experts who got their schooling because of SAC.
In rural areas with small villages quite often there are no possibilities for children to visit a school nearby. Then children can stay in a hostel attached with a school supported partly by SAC. It supports also teaching centres where children are aided to do their homework. Further balwadis must be mentioned, a kind of KinderGarten where very young children are prepared for a real school.
In the course of coming years SAC will more and more go for education to be financed ultimately by the Indian government. For realisation SAC aims at cooperation with NGO’s in the Netherlands and in India.

Which kind of funding by SAC
One can sponsor a child by name or a group of children in a hostel. This is a kind of financial adoption. The children get education and if necessary, accommodation, nutrition, health care, clothes, learning materials, recreation etc. in a healthy environment.
One can also sponsor a group of children in a teaching centre or balwadi.
Financial assistance is also necessary for educational projects, buildings, maintenance, repairs and necessary conveniences of schools and hostel. These are very divergent.
A few examples
financing the development of a training for nurses;
financing balwadis, primary and secondary education, vocational training;
Financing primary education of children from migrant workers in brickfields;
construction, enlargement, repairs or necessary conveniences of hostels or schools
construction of tube and open wells, toilets, bathrooms;
purchases of generators and solar systems so that children can do their homework in the evenings.

How to get in contact with SAC:

Secretariat SAC
Postbus 309, 5060 AH Geldrop, The Netherlands
Phone +31 40 2852772
E: office@actiecalcutta.nl